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         A Whole New Batch of Gifts for Grandparents

While refrigerator art is still a favourite with grandparents everywhere, you might want to follow up on some of the latest ideas for creating special gifts for special grandparents. If you are the grandparent in question, you might even write these ideas down and use them as “hints” for your next birthday, anniversary or holiday gift.

Keeping up with the grandkids is often about seeing photos of them or receiving something they’ve created with their own artwork. We love these items because they remind us of the bond we have with our grandchildren. We love the things they create and we love seeing them grow and change over the years.

The following items will capture photos in new and varied ways and make it possible to keep them forever.

Photo Album with Narrative

At you’ll find ways to create a professional-looking bound photo book which includes the “stories” to go along with photos. How wonderful to hear about a family vacation day by day and have both the narrative and the pictures to follow the action.

Personalized Paper Products

At you can take any artwork done by your grandchildren and turn it into a notebook, spiral book for making that grocery list, or a journal where you record your thoughts, hopes and dreams for your grandchildren. The cover art will allow you to remember and cherish that piece of artwork forever.

Calendars offers a chance to create family-friendly calendars. Not a new idea, but a good one. You’ll follow the family through the year with twelve fantastic family photos.

Unique Memory Card

Eye-Fi is a unique memory card with built in wi-fi. It beams your photo images to your computer automatically. No more problems with getting your photos off the camera and onto your computer.

Memory Quilt

Uncommon Goods is a site that does all the hard work of creating a photo memory quilt to give or receive as a treasured family gift. All you need are clear family photos and they take it from there to stitch a unique family memory.

Computer-free Printer

Here’s a great gift idea. The Selphy CP760 is a printer that doesn’t require a computer to print out your photos. Just shoot, place your memory card or USB cord into the printer and out the photos come.

Any one of the above gifts will help strengthen the bonds between grandparents and their grandchildren. That’s a wonderful thing.