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cooking-pic2This Grandma just learned about a whole new world of online cooking games for kids. Since cooking with our grandchildren is one of our favorite ways to spend time with them, these games lend themselves to both fun and real learning.

There are literally hundreds of cooking games to choose from. You can bake a cake, create a pizza or decorate a wedding cake. But the great thing about these games is that there is learning embedded in the fun.

The grandkids will learn about recipes and the order in which to mix them. They’ll learn about following directions and careful measurement. They’ll also have the fun of playing a game at the same time.

Why not try a few of these games with your grandchild, then select a real-life cooking project to do together? And don’t forget that online computer games increase eye-hand coordination skills besides just providing fun. Some of the games teach helpful information such as nutrition and kitchen safety. You’ll find a wide selection of cooking games at: