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Fresh Fall Drinks

When hot summer days turn to crisp fall ones, we instinctively turn to fall produce to inspire our drinks. Whether they’re alcoholic or non, we enjoy apples, pears, pumpkin and even squash to perk up our punches and lattes. Here is a whole raft of drink ideas using fall fruits and vegetables with a few surprises thrown in along the way.


Smoothies: Use your imagination. How about a rice milk-butternut squash smoothie for your vegan friends? This one is based on a protein powder and pureed squash, spiced up with cinnamon and ginger

Lattes:  Virtually everyone will drool over the eggnog latte. It’s made simply with milk, eggnog, espresso and nutmeg. Yum.

Punch: Apple martinis, sangria and Autumn punch all come with fresh fruit and the option to substitute ginger ale for alcohol. Beautiful and chic.

Hot Fruit Drinks: Ciders, warmed and spiced make the perfect fall drink.

Cool Fruity Drinks: Cool fall cocktails such as a Bailey’s caramel appletini make your fall entertaining fun.

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