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If you’re an active senior you may feel young and vibrant most of the time. But, let’s be honest, when we get a good look at our faces and necks in direct light, we see signs of our skin aging. There are wrinkles, lines, spots and droops where we don’t want to see them. Additionally, we need to check for signs of skin diseases to stay healthy. Here are some helpful and informative websites chosen by Ask Granny to help you screen for skin problems and also to select and evaluate the skincare products you use.

This site is a wealth of information on skin problems and remedies. There are slideshows depicting various skin problems and lots of information on both recognizing and treating skin problems.

This site compares the top skincare products in use today. It rates them on safety and effectiveness as well as environmental issues such as the products’ testing procedures. It explains the ingredients in each product, tells the cost and rates the effectiveness.

This site is on a campaign to ensure that skin products are safe to use. They test and rate many products including deodorants, sunscreens, and personal care products. There are well-written articles on skincare and skin safety.

This site evaluates thousands of brands of products currently on the market. They test for toxins, carcinogens and other safety issues. Check out the products you currently use for their safety and effectiveness.