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Are you looking for a gift for a grandmother, mother or girl friend?    I’ve never known a woman who didn’t love receiving flowers. But once in a while we long for our men to be creative and think of something new to please us. We may have a desire to receive a lovely book of poems selected with our relationship in mind, or we would just love to get a gift that reflects our personal interest and joys. Here are several sites that will help the men in your life find something new when it’s time for a gift for his lady.

If you check out Uncommon Goods, you’ll find a lovely and large selection of items for your special lady. Choose from beautiful handcrafted jewelry items such as a Starfish Locket or select from a  number of unique gardening items. There are lovely home décor pieces such as their exquisite agate coasters or copper wire flowers.

Or, create your own gift booklet based on information you give to They will take the information you give about the gift event and the personal interests of your gift recipient and create a list of sixteen gifts from which you can choose. Talk about a way to personalize!