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Baby Grand by Dina Santorelli.

Baby Grand is Santorelli’s debut novel, but the reviews are calling her a pro. In Albany, New York the governor’s baby daughter disappears from the executive mansion. Hours later writer Jamie Carter is abducted and forced to care for the child. This story is full of surprises and readers say it is a gripping, can’t put it down, read.

Catch Me by Lisa Gardner.

Catch Me is Gardner’s sixth D.D. Warren mystery. While D.D. works a crime scene, she is approached by a woman with a question. She says she’ll be murdered in four days and wants D.D. to handle the investigation. Further questioning reveals that Charlene Warren’s childhood friends have been killed one by one on a certain day and at a certain time each year. That day and time is just four days off.

Taken by Robert Crais.

Taken is Crais’ thirteenth Elvis Cole mystery. Nita Morales thinks her grown daughter has run away with her boyfriend, but the truth is more sinister. The Bajadores, bandits who prey on anyone and everyone are involved. In the course of the investigation Cole himself gets into hot water and needs to be rescued. Drugs and human trafficking motivate the Bajadores. Nita just wants her daughter home safe and sound.

Believing the Lie by Elizabeth George.

In her seventeenth novel featuring Inspector Thomas Lynley at the helm, George sends him undercover to investigate the accidental drowning of a young man. His wealthy uncle is sure there is more to the story. Lynley’s usual cohorts help him uncover secrets, lies and motives for murder in this troubled family.

The Girl Next Door: A Mystery by Brad Parks.

Veteran newspaperman Carter Ross just wants a human interest story. While attending the funeral of a young woman killed in a car accident, her sister convinces Ross there’s been foul play. This is an action-packed thriller with wit and humor interspersed, making it a great read.

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