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About this time of year, you’re probably longing for a lovely vacation. You may not even care where you go as long as it’s somewhere new. Even if you can’t leave the job right now you’ll love Gary Arndt’s travel blog, Everything, Everywhere. Mr. Arndt has been on a long trip around the world since 2007. There are wonderful pictures and updated posts every day or so. Another wonderful travel blog is by three travel writing ladies and has a family perspective. It’s called The Vacation Gals. Camels and Chocolate is written by another travel writer, Kristin Luna, living in San Francisco. Hole in the Donut, written by Barbara Weibel is a gorgeous site with fantastic picture of this backpacker’s trips around the world and finally, My Itchy Travel Feet, by writer Donna and photographer, Alan Hull is another keeper. Each of these sites are nominated for awards and will make your mouth water as you plan your next vacation.