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grandparentsiClip3-300x200When good friends gather for a fun evening, they love to laugh together. What could be more enjoyable than a new, interesting and funny game?

Here are some welcome changes from the old standbys: Monopoly, Pictionary and traditional card games.

Why Did the Chicken?

This paper and pencil game is for four to eight players. Your creative friends will think up funny answers to riddles. A judge will choose the best answers. Who can rack up the most points in this forty-five minute game? 

What Were You Thinking?

This game for four or more is sure to generate laughter. Players write down answers to questions with the goal of anticipating the most common answer. Points are scored if answers match. So stifle your creativity and think like the rest of the group!

Oh, Really?

What matters most to the players? They’ll rank five random items. Can you guess the priorities each player sets? This game is for three to eight players and ranks high on the laughter scale.


If you’re good with words, you’ll enjoy this one. At the beginning of each round nineteen picture dice are tossed plus one die that says fast or slow. In the fast round players shout out words that match two pictures accurately. For example a snowflake and an eye might be a “cold stare.” In the slow round the same thing is done with pencil and paper and a timer. 


A mood card is drawn. The player must then read a series of phrases in that specific mood. Did you draw zany, lethargic, manic? Players score points and move around the board for correct guesses. For three to eight players.