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This website was inspired by a young lady trying to find just the right gift for her beloved grandmother. She looked in vain for a unique, beautiful and useful gift, finally settling on designing a cane herself and hand painting it for her grandmother. It was a big hit. From that experience came the idea for Gold Violin, a site offering all kinds of useful, yet attractive gifts and necessities for seniors. You can shop by activity to find items for reading or hearing enhancement. Perhaps a jumbo lap desk or a wireless TV amplifier will make life more comfortable for you or someone you know. Or you can shop by condition. If you suffer from arthritis you might enjoy having an easy-hold bowl or a portable ezstep for help in climbing stairs. There are also a number of gift and fashion ideas such as a flattering swim dress or Victorian water bottle for the ladies or a scoot-around garden caddy for the men. All items are carefully selected for seniors who want to live hearty, independent lives.