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What is Osteoporosis?  What are the Osteoporosis Symptoms? Learn How to Fight Osteoporosis with Weight-bearing Exercise.

If you are in the over50s category and  you have osteoporosis or want to avoid getting it, you need to learn about weight-bearing exercise and weight training. The best exercises are done while standing. They work the muscles and bones against gravity thus producing new bone cells. While a sedentary lifestyle increases the chances of losing bone mass, these  osteoporosis exercises help the body to gain bone mass. For a discussion of this crucial health issue, read the University of Arizona’s     Bone Builder article. The Mayo Clinic also gives good advice for a sensible bone health exercise plan. For a list of weight-bearing activities see and Diet and weight management plays a role in healthy bone maintenance. For information on a pro-active diet to avoid the problems of osteoporosis read this Huffington Post article.