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Along with your new fall fashions, you’ll want to think about perking up your hair-do as well. Word has it that monotone is the word for color this year. While some may still enjoy a dash of blue or hot pink, the trend this year is toward darker, more sophisticated color of all one tone.

Looking for a new “night on the town” hair-do? Try the low rolled updo tutorial and your hair will look stunning in just a few minutes’ time. Ponytails that are smoothed out and sleek are also a look to be admired.

Do you need some new hair tools to whip your locks into shape? The experts say you need a boar bristle brush to bring out the shine, a curling wand to put in just the right curl, and a flat iron to keep the wispy ends where they belong.

Read about the new fall styles, take a look at beautiful cuts, both those with flair and those with timeless chic.


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