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Christmas-Cookies-icon-med-300x1902Virtually everyone has friends or family members who require gluten-free recipes to protect their fragile immune systems. It’s a fact of life in the 21st century. The good news is that there are now hundreds of tasty gluten-free options for every dish imaginable. Here are some excellent gluten-free Christmas recipes to make for your gluten-free friends.



Chex Treats

During the holidays everyone enjoys the tasty mix of crunchy cereals mixed with nuts, fruits and chocolate. Take a look at these yummy holiday chex mixes. Do you want to try the caramel crispy mix, the apple-almond bars or the chex brittle?


Chocolate Cookies Galore

Thankfully gluten-free diets do not outlaw chocolate. Here are some wonderful cookie choices including candy-filled chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip layer bars, chocolate chip turtle bars and more.


Amazingly Delicious Cheesecakes

Nothing is more elegant than a cheesecake for dessert. Try a chocolate caramel, hazelnut, apple pie or mini-margarita creamy cheesecake—all gluten-free.


Gluten-free Breads (and they’re good)

Everyone knows that the real challenge in gluten-free diets is replacing wheat flour breads. Here are fifteen recipes for a wide array of bread items including almond flour bread, pita, brown butter banana bread, apple cinnamon bread and a yummy cheesy cornbread. Don’t deny yourself this holiday season—try gluten-free options.


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