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Ever heard of an experience day? It’s a gift designed to give something a little different – a balloon ride; a spa day; even a day at the racetrack, driving powerful cars. There’s something for every taste, too. So whether you want to get granddad playing Tank Paintball (seriously) or let grandma spend the afternoon tasting wine in one of the UK’s very own vineyards, now’s the time to do it. Because October 7 is Grandparents’ Day in the UK.

With grandparents spending more time directly involved in childcare it seems only fair they should get their own day where a little love is given back. An experience day offers such a wide range of activities and prices it’s hard to imagine any grandparent who wouldn’t enjoy something on the list – and without breaking the bank either.

The best experience days for grandparents are ones that can be enjoyed by both – for example high tea at one of London’s top hotels. Tea at the Ritz has been a popular pastime for many families for years: the ideal way to get a taste of the high life without having to pay extortionate prices. Typically the Ritz’s afternoon tea will set you back £42 per person; though with added champagne or celebration cakes the costs can get a little higher.

The Ritz isn’t the only top class London hotel to offer afternoon tea services – you can also enjoy the rarefied air of the Dorchester, the Savoy, or even Harrod’s.

If you’re thinking of treating your grandparents to an afternoon in the capital, why not consider an evening at a show too? It’s possible to get some outstanding deals on theatre tickets at the moment thanks to the theatrical world’s nervousness about all things Paralympic. Since the Olympic festivities began a few weeks ago, ( now over) the rest of London’s attractions have experienced a drop in attendance – not so much because everyone is going to the Games and nothing else, but because everyone not going to the Games has been scared off, convinced they won’t get a seat on the Tube or a clear road for their taxis.

Singin in the Rain is a delight for grandparents of any age – a toe tapping spectacular guaranteed to have you doing the Charleston all the way home! Be aware, though, if you go to this one – the first few rows get very wet…

If your grandparents would prefer a chill down the spine to half a pint of water in the lap, have a look at tickets for The Woman in Black. It’s one of the most genuinely creepy stage shows I’ve ever seen. Judging from the quantity of shrieking going on around us (not to mention the girl who fainted in the row behind us!), it’s not for the faint of heart.

The great thing about the capital is that you can design your own experience day: meaning you don’t have to factor someone else’s commission into the price and you get to personalise your present precisely to the deserving gran or granddad who receives it. So make this year’s Grandparent’s Day properly special – design a day out.

For more ideas on Grandparent gifts, visit Ask Granny, the online guide for grandparents.