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    4991_320     Essential oils have been extracted and used in medicinal treatments and as fragrances for hundreds of years. The oils are distilled or otherwise taken from various parts of plants such as the flowers, berries, seeds, bark, peel, resin, leaves and roots. The pungent fragrances of some of these oils make them very appealing as additions to a wide variety of products such as perfumes, lotions, soaps and bath salts.

More recent uses include products such as hand sanitizers, room spritzers, body sprays and even in homemade playdough.

There are quick and easy recipes to make using essential oils. You can purchase a few supplies and make the products yourself. Or, you may prefer to look through catalogs and select a gift for quick delivery.

If you’re looking for something special to give as a Christmas gift, and you’re in a hurry, try one of these websites for quick and easy essential oil products.

Young Living

My Blessed Life

Essential Oil Gift Set