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Ask Granny’s guide to fresh summer foods.


Maybe you’ve jumped into growing a summer garden, maybe not, but either way you can eat fresh this summer by purchasing fresh-from-the-garden produce at your local grocer or farmer’s market. What to buy? How about choosing from these summer favorites?

Fresh Berries: Bursting with color and vitamin C, fresh blueberries, strawberries and raspberries offer health and beauty in summer recipes. Eaten right from a bowl they are delicious. Added to cereals, made into shortcakes, cobblers, waffles or pies they are summer’s best treats. For some amazing berry recipes see:

Favorite Fresh Berry Recipes

Summer Squashes: Gleaming green zucchini, pretty scalloped pattypans or yellow crookneck squashes are great summer fare. Sauteed in a bit of butter and seasoned with your favorite herbs and spices they make a wonderful sidedish. Try grilling them with a bit of olive oil or roasting them with butter and cinnamon or nutmeg.

Try the following recipes:

Summer Squash Recipes

Watermelon: Not much to say here. Buy one, cut it up and eat it! For tips on selecting a ripe melon see:

How to Select the Perfect Watermelon

Corn and Peas: Yellow or white roasting ears of corn. Fresh round peas straight from The pods—some of the best summer eating. Snow peas, sometimes called snap peas are also a summer favorite and add great color to a stir fry. Recipes: