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Some domestic tasks always end up being trickier than others. It’s small wonder then that people are constantly on the lookout for ways of simplifying tasks by breaking them down into smaller chunks.  This is particularly true of the older generation, where even basic tasks at home can become progressively more difficult with age.  Luckily there are a number of innovative products out there that have been designed to make life that little bit easier.


In the kitchen

Older people who want to remain independent will need extra help in the kitchen so that they can continue to prepare their own meals and drinks without the help of others. Simple additions to the kitchen such as a microwave will reduce the amount of time that they need to be on their feet and will do the same job as a cooker. An automatic tin opener could also be considered, as traditional tin openers can be tricky to use for the elderly. Not all tins come with the handy ring pull opening, and even these can be hard to use for those who have limited flexibility in their hands. There are gadgets available that will take care of opening any tin without too much effort.

Walking frames are available with a tray section on them so that there is no need to worry about carrying a plate or cup into the dining room or living room. Whatever is required can simply be placed on the tray and pushed into the room. This has the added benefit of providing more support for the person pushing.


Around the home

One of the best items for an elderly person, and particularly for someone who is living on their own, is the security alarm. These can be worn around the neck so that the individual can simply press the button if they have a fall or need assistance. It can also be a good idea to get an intercom for the front door. It can take an elderly person some time to answer the door if they have limited mobility, and this will save them answering the door to cold callers. There are also sensors that will alert the resident if mail has been delivered, and these will save them from having to check all the time.

The walk-in bath is considered to be a great innovation and is perfect for those who have difficulty getting in and out of the bath. It will help them to keep their independence that little bit longer. Add grab rails where necessary in the bathroom and this will help even further.

In the living room there are several innovations already in place that can help. Nobody has to get up and go to the TV anymore to change the channel, and radios can also work with a remote control; other items can also be operated in this way. Blinds and curtains can be controlled remotely, but if this is too much of a change then why not consider window shutters? B&Q shutters in the UK can be opened and closed with a minimal amount of effort and look very stylish. They are not expensive, and can make a real difference by ensuring complete privacy and offering a little more in the way of insulation.