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There is growing concern in some quarters about the addictive nature of online gambling games.  The social network, Facebook, is the latest to add Las Vegas-like slot machine, poker and roulette gambling games to their site. While the games are free to play, the sites do encourage users to purchase credits to play when they run out of free points.

At present anyone over the age of thirteen can create their own Facebook site. As with all of the dangers of online use, it is feared that teens and even some adults may not utilize good judgment when playing these gambling games.

Most children today play some kinds of “screen” games. They are chasing monsters, shooting bad guys and trying to reach the next level of the game. Many of the games require excellent eye-hand coordination to play well and achieve high scores. The games are fun and, let’s face it, they are addictive.

Now gambling games are available.  According to a top online guide for grandparents rumor has it that actual online gambling will soon be offered on Facebook, although that is not true at this time. What do you think? Will playing online slot machine games lead some people to addictions in the real world? Will we see an upswing in the numbers of young adults who reach legal gambling age already addicted? Or will the games remain merely a fun pastime. Let us know what you think.

Daily Mail