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If you are looking for a new way to tone up and you love to dance, boy do we have an answer for you. Zumba! This Latin-inspired dance class will burn more calories in a forty-five minute work-out than your daily jog. Started in 2001 in Miami, Florida by Alberto “Beto” Perez, this program has become the world’s most successful dance-fitness program in the world with over fourteen million participants in over one hundred fifty countries.

If the regular Zumba classes move too fast for you, try Zumba Gold. It’s the same fun dance moves toned down just a bit, but still challenging and exhilarating. There are also Aqua Zumba classes done in the pool, and Zumbatonic for children ages four to twelve.

Zumba videos abound on the internet, so take a look, get inspired and prepare to have a great time. Zumba is not only good for you, it’s just plain fun.