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You probably don’t believe in magic, but if you have a flair for performance and the desire to capture the attention of everyone around, you’ll enjoy learning these magic tricks and more. Magic is a wonderful hobby and learning the tricks take a lot of practice. You’ll need to dedicate time to both the mechanics of the trick and just as importantly, your demeanor as you entertain your audience. Magic is meant to be fun as well as intriguing. The websites at the bottom of the page offer insight into learning each trick and often the history of the trick. There are videos available to watch many of the tricks being performed.

To follow some of the most famous magicians you’ll find this blog informational and entertaining:

Coin Tricks:  Money has a fascination all its own. You’ll want to learn the coin folding trick, the disappearing coin trick, money making and the cards and coin trick.

Levitation Tricks:  Read about the history of levitation and use some of these great facts to create your tantalizing talk as you do the floating cup trick or the anti-gravity water trick or even the rubber band rising trick.

Card Tricks:  Learn the coin through the card trick, the super fast card snatch, the mind-reading card trick and the torn and restored card trick.

Rope Tricks:  Amaze your friends with the cut rope in half trick, butterfly loops, and the three rope mystery trick.