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       100310_mothers-day-crafts                  Yes, there are still many shopping days until Christmas, but if you want to have some fun with the grandkids making gifts for their parents, now is the time to plan and shop.

Kids love to make gifts and they’ll also enjoy the time with you as you create together.

See which of  Ask Granny’s homemade gift ideas tickle your fancy.

Bath Salts Recipe

This project can be done in only thirty minutes. It requires a clean jar or bottle, Epsom salts, food colouring and perfume or essential oils. Makes a lovely gift.

Tied Fleece Blanket

This one can be made easily by girls or boys in about half an hour. You’ll need two pieces of coordinating fleece, a ruler, pencil and scissors and some yarn or thread. Makes a nice gift for a baby or toddler or even a grandma!

Handprinted Snowmen Ornaments

Use a solid-coloured ornament and acrylics to make this cute snowman ornament. A happy version of a handprint gift—perfect for any family member.

Rock Sugar Votive Candle Holders

These are beautiful and simple to make. Just paint all-purpose glue onto a clear votive jar and sprinkle with coloured rock sugar. They dry quickly and make great gifts.

Embroidered Felt Purse

Use brightly-coloured pieces of felt and embroidery thread doubled. It’s quick and easy and any female member of the family will love receiving one.