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How to Create a Buzz with Unique and Unusual Floral Arrangements.


If you’re having a luncheon or tea with the girls, you’ll love the new ideas in simple flower arranging. Take the most common kitchen or dining room container, add a few tulips or daisies and you’ll create a new, feel to the table. Try using common household items such as muffin tins, coffee tins, milk bottles or egg cups. Or vary the colors with brightly striped ribbons wrapped around a round or square-shaped container. Try white on white for an elegant centerpiece.


Other ideas include placing blooms in water vials and then inserting them into a variety of containers. Try wooden boxes, gourds, containers of pebbles or glass beads. Feel free to create something new. Another idea is to use containers of the same color in varying sizes and shapes and then add a rainbow of flowers to them. The contrast between all white or all blue containers plus the selection of colors in the blooms will create quite an effect in your home or garden.


Once you’ve found an interesting container for your arrangement, remember some quick and easy tips to creating a unique arrangement.


Start with a foliage structure or use a “filler” flower such as baby’s breath to help keep flowers from drooping.

Use a frog, you’ll find your arrangements stay in place much better.

Don’t forget to add enough water to keep the arrangement fresh.

Use sharp knives or scissors to get a clean cut at the end of each stem.

Begin with your largest blooms and then insert smaller ones.

Don’t overwork the arrangement.

Don’t aim for perfection. A beautiful arrangement needs an element of random design.


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