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 Autumn Apple Art.

Fall comes along with crisper mornings, fall produce galore and maybe you and your grandchildren have an itch to create together. Apple-themed art projects are lots of fun and your grandkids will enjoy having a “piece of art” to put on your refrigerator door or take home to show their parents.

So gather some art supplies, create a mess-free surface to work on and have some fall fun. Here are some super-easy projects guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Paper Plate Apple

For this simple project you’ll need white paper plates, red, green or yellow paint, some paint brushes, a bit of green construction paper for the leaves and some real-life apple seeds to sprinkle on the finished product.

Edible Apple Craft

This tasty craft begins with caramel rice cakes. Add some red icing, mini-chocolate chips for the seeds and a tootsie roll stem. Yum.

Apple Cinnamon Wreath

This is a fun and simple project for the younger grandkids. Use a paper plate for the backing and add apple cut-outs all around. Tie the cinnamon stick onto a piece of yarn or twine. You have a beautiful fall wreath and it smells wonderful.

Apple Stamping

Apples can be cut in a number of ways to make a sturdy stamp for little ones. All you need is paper, apples, paint and a tray to keep everything neat. Adults do the apple cutting and the kids enjoy making their own apple stamp creation. If you cut the apple in half through its largest diameter, you’ll create a lovely star pattern.

Wormy Apple

This is a sweet project for little hands. You’ll need a large piece of cardboard, red paint, a pipe cleaner, some round cereal pieces such as Cheerios and one apple. Cut the apple in half and use that as a stamp to fill in the large apple shape. Use the pipe cleaner and the cereal to create a “worm”. Poke a hole in the cardboard using a pencil and place the worm in the hole. Cute.

Toilet Paper Roll Apple

This one is simple and sort of artsy. You’ll cut pieces of the roll for leaves and stem and paint them green. Then paint a circle of the roll red. It’s a minimalist project and very cute.

Apple Smile Snacks

When the art projects are drying and little hands are washed, it’s time for a snack. These apple smile snacks are both fun and healthy. Just cut apple slices, let the kids add peanut butter and marshmallow “teeth” and there you go.


For more apple art projects for the grandkids, go to and search for apple art projects.