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Loneliness hurts. Maybe you or someone you know suffers from profound loneliness. There can be many reasons for the emotional and mental feeling of being alone and unhappy. While some people treasure alone time, others find it uncomfortable, unrewarding and sad.

Even in a crowd of people it’s possible to feel loneliness. There is an unfulfilled desire to connect with others. There may be the feeling that no one cares—that everyone is too busy to spend time with you.

Whatever the reasons for loneliness, it can be remedied. Connections can be made intentionally. And a lonely person may be one who hasn’t yet learned the benefits of giving to others who may be in even more need than oneself.

The following websites offer suggestions for getting out, coping with relationship problems, ways to feel connected with others and ways to be kind and generous to others. You’ll find coping strategies to get you motivated, out and about, finding interests and making positive connections with others.

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