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87960998942122632_2e6k0t6a_f              It’s fun to cook with the grandchildren, and even more fun eating the projects. Here are some frozen treat recipes that can be whipped up in minutes, frozen for several hours or overnight for tasty and healthy sweet treats on warm days.

You’ll need to invest in an ice pop mold. These can be found in any kitchen section of a department or grocery store. The Norpro ice pop mold is the Cadillac of those available. It costs a bit more, but makes a quality product and is virtually indestructible.

To make ice pops you’ll need to choose one or more item from the fruit and dairy categories. Using a blender is a quick way to get the smooth texture you want. To know exactly how much to make, pour water into your molds and out again. Measure. That’s how much blended liquid you’ll need to fill the molds. 

These ice pop treats will be as healthy as you make them. Use a bit of sugar in fresh fruit. Juices are usually sweet enough. Most of all, have fun.

Fruits, chopped or pureed in your blender

Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, applesauce, peaches (use just a T. of sugar)


Milk, plain yogurt, coconut milk, almond milk, flavored yogurts


Orange juice, grape juice, mango juice, lemonade


Add a layer of crushed graham crackers, Oreos, vanilla wafers or other cookie to the bottom of the liquid for a crunchy surprise at the bottom of the pop.

Other Choices

Instant pudding whipped up with fruit, peanut butter, Nutella, marshmallow sauce, be creative in your additions to fruits and dairy. If you enjoy the process, make your pops in layers for colorful summer treats.