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Rezepte-092-300x224    The grandkids are coming over for a much-anticipated sleepover and you’re scrambling for ideas to keep them entertained. You may play board games, enjoy stories or crafts and most probably you’ll watch a movie or two. But don’t forget the fun of cooking together. Here are some recipes to make the sleepover a taste treat, first for dinner and snacks and then for the morning after. Get the grandkids in the kitchen with you, make a bit of a mess and enjoy the tasty results.

In the Evening:

Try Breakfast for Dinner: Homemade waffles and strawberry sauce. Do your grandkids know how to cook from scratch? Give them a yummy lesson in doing things the old-fashioned way with this simple waffle recipe and then add the delicious taste of fresh strawberries. A dollop of whipped cream will be appreciated by all. Total cook time is only twenty minutes. Enjoy.

Enjoy Luau Quesadillas: This tasty, sweet recipe gives ample opportunity for the grandkids to take part in the process. Pineapple, mandarin oranges and tofu along with goat cheese make this a healthy choice for young eaters. 

Microwave those S’mores: Simplify the process and enjoy a camp-out treat while indoors. Use graham cracker squares or vanilla wafers, place a few chocolate chips on one and mini-marshmallows on the other. Microwave, keeping a close eye on the melting times. Put the two cookie pieces together and there you have it, a mini-s’mores. Careful, they’re ho

The Next Morning:

Quick and Easy Smoothies: If you’ve eaten your way through the evening before, you may want a quick and easy breakfast with the grandkids. Get them to help you whip up some healthy fruit smoothies. Add a muffin or piece of whole grain toast with nut butter and you’ve got a balanced, healthy meal.

Breakfast Burritos: Brown some breakfast sausage, fry up some frozen hash browns, grate some cheese and have salsa and sour cream ready to go. Let the grandkids portion out the ingredients on a flour tortilla, roll them up and enjoy.

Homemade Granola: You’ll want to work with the grandkids the night before to make this wonderful, healthy breakfast cereal. The recipe is adjustable, just add your favorite grains, nuts and seeds and dried fruits. Delicious. And, you can bag up the leftovers to send home with the grandkids if you can bear to let it go.