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When you are entertaining your grandchildren and it’s time for breakfast, no one wants to spend hours in the kitchen. But, you do want something both fun and nutritious to offer them.

Here are three quick and healthy breakfasts focusing on the ever-popular bagel.


Bagel and Cream Cheese Happy Faces


2 bagels, split

½ cup cream cheese

1 small cucumber

½ plum tomato cut in wedges


Toast bagel halves. Spread with cream cheese. Cut slices of cucumber to create eyes, smaller slices for eyebrows, ears, etc. and then add a tomato wedge for the mouth. So cute.



Bagel Gone Bananas


1 whole wheat bagel, split

1 T nut butter (almond, cashew, or peanut)

1 t. honey

1 small banana


Toast bagel. In a bowl mix the nut butter with honey. Spread on bagel and decorate with banana slices. Easy and delicious.



Soft or Hard-boiled Egg Bagel


1 bagel, split and toasted

1 egg, either soft-boiled or hard-boiled

2 slices of pepperjack cheese

1 tomato, sliced

Avocado slices

Onion if desired


This one depends on your grandchild’s eating preferences. Toast the bagel then add slices of tomato and avocado. Most kids don’t appreciate onion, but some do. Then top with slices of their favourite cheese and add a soft or hard-boiled egg. This one is both healthy and yummy.


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