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 Cooking with grandchildren.

We grandmas love to cook for our families. We also enjoy passing on some of our skills and favourite recipes to our children and grandchildren.

Below you’ll find some wonderful cookbooks put together by grandmothers or their family members. You’ll find family favourites, exotic recipes from around the world and some good old-fashioned favourites you’ve always wanted to try. From soup to dessert, you’ll find a recipe you’ll love making.

From regional to global offerings, I think all grandmas will enjoy at least one of the following terrific cookbooks. Buy one, try some of the recipes and then let Askgranny know what you think. Did you find some new recipe favourites?

Cooking Around the World with Grandma by Grandma Millie Lindell (and her grandchildren)

In this beautifully illustrated book, five cousins share memories and recipes from their summer visits to Grandma’s house. This granny is leaving a rich legacy of favourite recipes whipped up with her grandchildren. Six countries are represented—a complete menu from each country. You’ll feel as if you know Grandma Millie.

In Her Kitchen: Stories and Recipes from Grandmas Around the World by Gabriele Galimberti

This book won the James Beard Award for culinary photography. Galimberti is an accomplished photojournalist with work in major US and European magazines. In preparing this book, he asked grandmas in each country to prepare their favourite dish for him.  Photos capture the grandma with all the ingredients needed for their specialty. You’ll visit Latvia, Greece, Japan, India, France, The Philippines, Sweden and more.

Sunday Dinners at Grandma’s by Gooseberry Patch (Vickie Hutchins and JoAnn Martin)

This book is part of a series of Old-fashioned American cooking. Compiled with both recipes and stories to go with them, you’ll find comfort food galore. Chicken and dumplings, tuna-noodle casserole, delectable home-baked breads and on to lemon meringue pie or homemade strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Grandma’s Wartime Kitchen: World War II and the Way We Cooked by Joanna Lamb Hayes and Jean Anderson

You may not be inclined to go back to the day when every penny was pinched twice, but you’ll enjoy seeing the 150 recipes from the 1940’s when the world was at war. In addition to the recipes which helped the housewife stretch Sunday’s roast into Monday’s meatloaf, you’ll find interesting and fun anecdotes, advertisements and advice of the day.

Grandma’s Little Cookbook: The Meditteranean Way by Anna Burgess and Sabrina Wassef

The authors have compiled family recipes dating back four generations. You’ll find Mouloukheya Soup, Armenian Grape Leaves and sweets such as Hazelnut Oatmeal Cookies. A lovely little book for your cookbook shelf.

The Beverly Lewis Amish Heritage Cookbook by Beverly Lewis

Beverly Lewis, author, has written many novels about the plain life of the Amish people. This cookbook contains over 200 recipes gleaned from Beverly’s own grandmother and from other Amish friends. The recipes are accentuated by Amish sayings and beautiful line drawings. Take a peek into the plain life of the Amish who still live a simple farm lifestyle.

The Asian Grandmother’s Cookbook: Home Cooking from Asian-American Kitchens by Patricia Tanumihardja.

This unique book contains centuries-old recipes from China, Japan, Indonesia, VietNam and India. Some of the recipes came down via oral tradition and are only seen in written form in this book. Learn to use soy, ginger, hot chiles, curry and tart vinegars in these tasty homemade recipes. An Asian pantry glossary will help you with knowing and finding the necessary ingredients.