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Who knew? There are easy to use computers designed especially for the older generation. They offer many of the options on a regular personal computer, but are much easier to set up, read and use. These computers offer large screens and special features such as large print keyboards and text to speech applications so you can hear your e-mail messages.

These nifty computers can be used to share photos, send and receive e-mail, do video chats and are set up to find information such as weather, calendar, recipes, medical information and the news at just a touch of a finger. They are protected from viruses and malware and you can play games on them too.

These easy to use computers come ready to use out of the box. You never have to install software to use them. They are also backed up by excellent customer service offices. The touch screens make them especially user-friendly. There are several companies producing these senior use computers. They would make a great gift for a senior or a wonderful addition to entertainment centers in senior centers or assisted living sites.

Ask Granny suggests you check out the following products at their websites. You’ll notice that the prices for these systems are consistent with traditional personal computer prices.


This product became available in 2012 and has been featured in Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine. It has a blog on its website in case you have questions or comments about the product and there is an active support button on the site. This product boasts very good reviews from users.

Wow! Computers

This computer has an easy to use touch screen and can zoom magnify up to 200 percent. It has a myriad of games to play such as card games, memory games and puzzles, and free access to online games as well.

A Plus Computers

The A Plus is a similar product to Telikin and Wow. The screen is very clearly organized and this product has the benefit of allowing installation of softward if the owner desires. Thus it can be customized to the user’s preference with certain games and applications. Keyboards in languages other than English are available.

All three of these products open the door to online communication for senior citizens overwhelmed by the intricacies of regular computer use. They are easy to use—seniors will learn to enjoy their many features and applications in a single day.