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A christening is a celebration that only happens once in a child’s life, so the guests – and especially the godparents – look for special christening gifts which will call the sacrament of baptism to mind and have lasting value. It is therefore not surprising that silver items are among the most popular christenings gifts. And not in vain, as silver spoons and charms are valuable not only for the precious metal they are made of, but also because they have excellent curative properties – they promote the healing of wounds, disinfect, and strengthen the immune system. Therefore, by giving the child being baptized a silver christening gift, we are wishing him not only a rich life, but a healthy one as well.


A copious and healthy life is best symbolized by a silver spoon. The tradition of giving one as a gift goes as far back as the 16th century, when parents of a child born into a rich family were given a silver spoon so that the child would be satiated and rich. This is where the term “born with a silver spoon in his mouth” comes from, i.e. under a lucky star. These days, this gift is usually given by the godparents, and not when the child is born, but when he is baptized. It is important that the parents, upon receiving a silver spoon, don’t consider it a symbolic gift, but use it every day to improve the child’s health.


Those who don’t particularly value age-old traditions and are looking for something wittier should appreciate a silver pacifier – obviously not one to be used for its intended purpose, but to store the child’s first tooth. These days, rarely does a little one grow up without this kind of “little friend”, so you can safely call a pacifier a symbol of childhood. Made from silver, it acquires lasting value and is a great alternative to the silver spoon; in fact, it even beats the spoon in terms of popularity.



Silver baby booties hung on a short chain carry out a similar function. Each booty has a small lid that opens up so you can use it to store the baby‘s first tooth or a strand of hair; the bottom of the silver booty, which is approximately 2 cm long, can be engraved with the text of your choice, making it a lovely personalized gift.


sterling-silver-booties-with-chainSilver medallions are also a very popular choice, as worn on the neck, they kill bacteria and protect against disease. Since the baby becomes a member of the Christian community upon receiving the sacrament of baptism, usually a cross – the symbol of Christianity – is given as a gift. You may hear that you shouldn‘t give a newly baptized baby a cross because that would be “burdening him with crosses that he will have to bear his entire life“. Such superstitions are ungrounded. On the contrary, in fact – the baptism cross is one of the most powerful amulets to protect the child from danger and misfortune.

If you nevertheless do not want to give the child a cross, you can select a silver pendant in a different shape. Of course, when giving pendant, you should remember to include a silver chain so that it doesn‘t sit in a drawer collecting dust, but rather – becomes the godchild‘s constant companion.


Silver christening gifts are especially valued because they can be engraved, making them a unique and intimate gift that warms the heart. For example, the pacifier is adorned with the image of a clock, so that a jeweler can engrave clock hands to show the child‘s time of birth. Most silver items also have enough space to engrave at least the baby‘s name or initials, as well as the date of baptism. So why not add some silver sparkle to the baptism with one of these charming gifts?!