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This is a website created by students doing projects for the Oracle ThinkQuest Education Foundation. You’ll begin by clicking on a continent, then a country to learn about a game played by children in that part of the world. Try clicking on Africa and then Zambia to learn the game called Banyoka. Banyoka, played by the Bemba tribe, means snakes. Two teams of six or more sit in a line and move together over an obstacle course, slithering to the finish line. At times this game is played with just one group and is a follow the leader type game. Or click on tiny Israel to learn how to play Hamesh Avanim, Five Stones. There are also ways to learn how to count in various world languages and other fun items such as quizzes. You will meet the five fourth grade children who put this site together and have an opportunity to sign the guest book. Lots of fun!