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 A recent article featured by the BBC has suggested that a bright future lies ahead of us. Statistics charting the use of renewable energy in the South West of England state that a total of 7% of the regions needs are being provided by clean and renewable sources. You will be forgiven for thinking this is not a huge amount but, if you consider this number is up by around 50% on the previous year, we begin to get a clearer picture of how our energy needs will be met in the future.


As technology continues to advance at a seemingly exponential rate, it seems that we will have the opportunity (and the capacity) to leave a brighter, cleaner and healthier world behind us for our grandchildren and the generations that follow. In addition to this, if we lead by example and use the growth of the South West to guide our decisions, this world may appear sooner than we imagine.


Energy-Wise Education

An important aspect of the switch to greener power is the role education must play – and experience is the greatest teacher. Personal responsibility for energy efficiency and conservation are paramount and pay dividends when the quarterly bills roll in. Responsibility is key and, whilst the majority of our renewable energy will come from large scale wind and solar farms, we now have the opportunity to provide for own energy needs with smaller scale solar panels attached to the house. As prices continue to fall, solar power is now a genuine possibility that will save you money and create a generally nicer world to live in. Benefits also include reduced energy costs and the possibility of further rebates as the excess electricity produced is fed back into the grid.


In order to create a better world, in both the present and the future, we need to combine both education and action. Teach yourself the basics at and pass the knowledge on to the next generation of energy consumers; what’s more create a cleaner, greener world for yourself and save  money at the same time.