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abuelo-y-nieto We over-sixties live in a wonderful time. No one expects us to shuffle to the rocker the minute we retire. Aging no longer mean an end to a vibrant, productive life. Instead we move on to second careers and then enjoy retired life filled with activity and meaningful projects. One way to keep our minds sharp is to regularly engage in mental games and brain teasers. We gain mental benefit from playing games such as Sudoku and engaging in word games such as crossword puzzles.

Due to the success of the mental acuity website, Lumosity, seniors and adults of all ages are beginning to log on to various websites, play games that build mental skills, and then track their progress over time. The games are fun and stimulating. They reinforce such skills as memory, logic, language, concentration and visual aptitude. Once playing and receiving feedback, players can zero in on weaker areas and work to improve them. Most sites are free but require you to set up an account so you can log on to games and track your progress.


Here are several sites to add to your mental acuity favorites:

All other suggestions welcome!