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One of the earliest ways to delight children with the tools of reading is found in alphabet books. What can an author do with just twenty-six letters? Well, you’d be surprised.

Dr. Seuss’s ABC

In 1963 Dr. Seuss wrote his ever-popular ABC book with his typical fantasy animal characters romping through the alphabet. This one has become a classic and still is a top seller for little ones.


This beautiful alphabet book was written and illustrated by Australian writer, Graeme Base. It came out in 1986 and since has been enjoyed as an alphabet book, a color book, a sticker book and was even developed into a television show for young children.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

This delightful alphabet book is filled with bouncy rhythms. How many animals can climb up the coconut tree? Will all twenty-six fit? Written by Bill Martin Jr. and illustrated by Lois Ehlert this book, first published in 1989 is still a favorite.

Steampunk Alphabet

Hot off the presses, this hip new alphabet book will please both children and their hipster parents. Each page begins with a letter and a simple object. The object is then steampunked and a description of the object as set in the Steampunk world follows: “B is for Balloon. The Billows Balloon was a sight to be seen. It could carry a speaker, a clock or a screen. Steam-powered thrusters and hot air for lift would keep it in place instead of adrift.” Written and illustrated by talented video game artist Nathanael Iwata, this book has to be seen to be appreciated.