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                                Maybe you have an upcoming birthday for a senior friend or relative. Or, perhaps you’re already in the business of doing your holiday shopping. What can you buy for that special person that isn’t the same old thing?

Why not look into gifts that give all year round and meet specific needs as well. Monthly gifts may cost a bit more than a one-time present, but for an elderly person who is very special in your life, it’s definitely worth the expense.

Here are some suggestions for monthly gifts for your special senior.


Membership fees to athletic clubs can be prohibitive for seniors on fixed incomes. They know they need to exercise and stay fit, but the costs involved make that impossible. Why not pay for your senior to join a club?

In fact, for many seniors, the local athletic clubs have access to national programs such as Silver and Fit in the U.S. and similar programs such as AgeUK abroad. These programs allow seniors to access exercise classes and programs at no cost. Just help your senior sign up for the program and be sure they have transportation to attend.

Exercise classes designed especially for seniors are one of the best ways to encourage healthy exercise in a safe environment. The added benefit is the social aspect of meeting regularly with other seniors. Many of these programs add meals, parties and other social events to their programming.

Internet or Smart Phone Contracts

If your senior is interested in staying current in the world of technology, he or she may need a little push to get started. This may involve buying the correct contract for internet or phone service, helping to purchase the appropriate equipment and help with installment.

Many seniors enjoy the benefits of using e-mail, Skype, photo storage, social media sites and online games to help stay active and connected in our fast-paced world.

Monthly Gift Boxes

There are many monthly gift boxes and packages available and they come in a wide array of quality and prices. Here are some that may appeal to your senior.

Graze A unique snack subscription hand-picked for your recipient. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and no genetically modified foods used. Select from one hundred snack items.

The Cravory Order a gift box of delicious cookies each month. Select the size of the box from just one cookie of each flavor to two dozen.

Bark Box This one is a winner. The gift box is tailor-made for your senior’s precious pet. Snacks, toys and other pet-friendly surprises arrive each month.

Tea Sparrow For the tea-lover in your life, order these boxes of pure, all-natural selections of loose-leaf teas.

Try the World For the adventurous eater, these boxes offer gourmet food and snack items from countries all around the world.

Sketch Box For would-be artists, these boxes come with hand-selected art supplies and a piece of art to inspire a unique creation.

Winc For the wine connoisseur in your family, send a gift box from Winc monthly. Choose from over one hundred wine choices.


A subscription to a favorite magazine, trade or hobby guide or a newspaper may bring the world into your senior’s home and bring hours of enjoyment. Other subscription ideas may include crossword puzzle books, adult coloring books and Sudoku puzzle books.