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In this feature I’m NOT going to add a whole list of websites offering presents for grandparents, pensioners, seniors and all the “Over something-or-other.”

I have listed all the gifts that have so far given me great pleasure and all my family members, men and women and friends over the age of 60. There are some very original and useful ideas.

In each category there are gift ideas at all prices so some more expensive presents, such as for a special anniversary, are also included in the list.

Let’s forget for a moment, chocolates, flowers, food,  scarves, certain gift vouchers as gifts, that’s TOO easy and impersonal. We all have computers or aspire to having one and are becoming  more ‘super savvy seniors’ so gifts can be a little  more inventive and up to date.

We, as seniors, are working less or not at all but we need a) to take more exercise, indoors and outdoors and  b)  get some new hobbies and pass times, generally be more stimulated!

Here are  some of Ask Granny’s  gift ideas for wonderful women over sixty!

 Great presents I’ve received so far:

Audio books for the car.

Magazine subscriptions.

A more modern ( waterproof)  wrist watch.

Tickets for the lottery (no luck so far!)

iPad. iPod, large ear phones.

Beauty gift certificates.

Ornaments that I collect.

Paid daily help, cleaners and removal service (great idea and  great relief),

Unusual plants, gardening tools and trees for my garden.

 A long weekend in Italy with all the family.

My family have also given me air tickets and once rented a stretch limo to take me out to my favourite restaurant in London!

Good luck and I hope you find your loved one a Valentine’s Day Gift from this list!