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So the men in our lives are slowing down, maybe retiring  or have retired and sometimes finding a hobby for them is hard. However it is also a good time to spend more time with family and friends and do some of the things that did not fit into a previously busy life

Getting a gift for a man of ANY age  can be very stressful! What would he REALLY like?    Let’s forget boxers shorts, socks,  aftershaves, handkerchiefs, scarves and find something more unusual that he will appreciate. Luckily,  I have many men in my family and here a some of the gifts I found for all those over sixty guys. They loved all my ideas so I will share a few of them with all of you.

  1. If the man in your life is into exercising why not buy him some ‘exercising stuff’ a new trendy wristband, MP3, arm attachment, a new iPod?

2) Has he started to bike seriously? How about a bike computer, water bottle, or halogen light.

3) Golf mad? Try  personalised golf balls, tees, gloves or a good book about the history of golf and a buggy for that “big” birthday!

3) Has he plans to start fishing? He will need fishing rods, a scaling knife,  a waterproof hat and some waders.

4) Is he tennis mad? Get him a nice tennis bag and new tennis balls, or sweat bands.

5) Maybe he prefers indoor activities so get him some board games that he can play with the family, such as scrabble,or Pictionary.  He may even need a few new home comforts such as a reclining chair, rocking chair for the outside space, and an air-conditioner is sometimes a great luxury gift for those who can’t afford it. A home loving foodie would also enjoy receiving some new wine glasses or tumblers

6) If he is a bit restless ( lots of ’em are ) save up and book a ticket for a cruise to some exotic place for his 60th or 70th birthday.

7) My brother loves card games so will soon need an new pack of cards for bridge or poker!

8) Well I guess they are all into the computer era so, headphones, memory sticks, interacted games for play with the grandkids, videos or DVDs of important sport events are always a success.

9) Live with an artistic guy? Maybe he needs new sketching paper, charcoals , pastels, water colours and a paintbox  or paint brushes, or  even items for pottery making!

10) My men love to have barbecues but make a terrible mess so each year I need to get new cooking tools, mitts, and this year a barbecue recipe book was a great choice as a gift.

12) Of course they all do a bit of gardening so shop for some safety glasses, secateurs, even a new mower for a Special Birthday! Maintenance in the home is a MUST for men and women so check if he needs a new screwdriver set or new tools.

Hope you have a few ideas from Ask Granny to get you started in finding the perfect gift for the senior man in your family!