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2011. Ask Granny’s 10 best  present ideas for grandparents, the over 50s and seniors. Are you stumped for a Christmas  or birthday gift for elderly family members this year? You want to give something meaningful and enjoyable, but you can’t think of a thing? Well here are some fun ideas, some unique ideas, and some downright strange ideas that might work for you.


Gifts of the Month


Gifts of the month are special because they are delivered monthly––they give the recipient something to look forward to and enjoy every month of the year. And there are creative things to order besides the usual fruit, candy and flowers. How about a Gourmet Pickle of the Month gift or coffee, hot sauces, salsa, pizza, sausage or even the doggie treat of the month! For more ideas on gifts of the month including beer, wine, steak and chocolate go to Club Offers.


Gifts that Meet Needs


Seniors often don’t see or hear or remember as well as they used to. So a gift that helps out with one of those problems will be welcomed. Some will benefit from a TV Screen Enlarger. They attach to the front of the screen and make it appear bigger. For those who enjoy reading, but need help, there is the folding pocket magnifier from Bausch and Lomb or a hand-held magnifier. There are gadgets that increase the volume on a telephone for those hard of hearing.


Just-right Technology


Some ideas are great for everyone, including seniors. If pouring coffee becomes hazardous, get one of these nifty coffeemakers––no more pouring! Small shopping carts are handy for seniors needing to move laundry, groceries and more. Reaching aids make it easy to get to items in cupboards or shelves. Adaptive grippers make opening jars or turning on switches possible. For more senior technology ideas see Euromedical.


Personalized Gifts


There are endless ideas for personalized gifts. Gifts with names on them or Grandma or Grandpa, or Sexy Senior….you get the picture. For nice bracelets in silver try this site.  Nickel Heritage has heritage trees on which to hang pictures of each child or grandchild. Personalization Mall has beautiful photo afghans and other personalized household items. And Light Affection has some truly unique personalized night lights created from your photo.


 Funny Stuff


Go to Dolly Mama’s for a cute music box and other unique gifts for a sassy senior. Find gag gifts for seniors including an over the hill walker and the Senior Moments Board Game here. Wellhaven has a great assortment of humorous gifts for oldsters. How about an “Old Enough to Know Better” plaque or a “Still Rockin’ Guitar T-shirt? And finally you’ll find a host of senior gag gifts at