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When Christmas rolls around, we all want to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. The kids are pretty easy to buy for and so are the women, but those men! Grandpas may say they don’t want anything, but, of course they do. Let’s see if we can brainstorm some presents that will put a big smile on Grandpa’s face this Christmas.

How does he spend his time?

If you can think about the ways in which Grandpa spends his days, you can figure out a gift related to that. Does he do woodwork? Maybe he’d like some new tools or a gift certificate to a lumber store. Does he fish? There are endless gadgets and lures for the fisherman. Does he enjoy getting fancy with cooking? Maybe a chef hat and apron or a new cookbook is the thing.

What does he read?

Most Grandpas read something. Maybe they enjoy the newspaper or a certain magazine. Subscriptions make nice gifts. Or does he read biographies? History? Stocks and bonds? Whatever he reads regularly, he’d probably enjoy some more of it and books make great, easy to give gifts.

What does he enjoy eating?

Does Grandpa have a sweet tooth or go for more of the salty snacks? Gift packs of pretzels, nuts, jerky and the like make wonderful gifts. Or maybe a tour through your local cheese and sausage store for a gift pack of pepperoni and gouda will do the trick. Don’t forget the fancy mustards to go along.

Where does he like to go?

Is Grandpa a beach guy or a mountain guy? Does he enjoy camping or backpacking? Is he a birder? If you can determine his favorite places, you’ll come up with a gift to go along. How about a kit to make a campfire and s’mores? How about some new binoculars? How about a backpack or some camping equipment?

What’s his favorite sport?

While sports fan gear is fairly common, there may be a hat or t-shirt that he’d love to add to his collection. Who is his favorite player? What is his favorite team? You can even create something in his favorite team colors. He’ll appreciate your enthusiasm for his favorites.

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