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Homegrown Readers: Simple Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Read

This is a parent-friendly how-to book.

While many adults don’t have warm, fuzzy memories of learning to read, they want their own children to learn without negativity. This book can help.

Parents want their child to succeed in school, but what can they do when their child struggles with the reading process? A lot.

Homegrown Readers outlines basic principles to follow and the attitudes to keep in mind while guiding children through the step by step basics of learning to read. Parents, you don’t have to “go it alone.” “Anyone can gift their child with reading readiness skills.”

Homegrown Readers teaches parents how to make their home an optimal learning environment and what to do and say when a child is “stuck” on a word. It underlines the importance of gaining meaning from the act of reading and above all, it emphasizes the need for making reading an enjoyable family activity that opens the door to all learning. In addition,

Homegrown Readers invites parents to share the contents of this book with other parents in Homegrown Reader Discussion Groups and provides both key ideas from each chapter and discussion questions to make the groups fun and easy to do.

The author is Jan Pierce who decided to share her experiences  and write this book after working 30 years as a teacher.

This delightful and useful book is Jan Pierce’s latest book and Homegrown Readers was birthed out of her concern for parents who want to help their children learn to read, but may not know how to begin.

Hurry to get your copy!

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