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The first thing most of us need to do to spiff up our sleeping areas is to clean out our closets and dispose of things we no longer wear. Ever. We all have clothing, shoes, and accessories that are so outdated we’d be embarrassed for anyone to see them. Okay, how about some closet organization!


The second thing we can do to give new life to bedrooms is to purchase the right closet organizer system and totally revamp our storage of our clothing and shoes. There are so many choices: wood shelving systems, fixed mount systems, kits to put together and an endless variety of baskets, totes, free-standing wardrobes, and even under-bed storage units.

What will work for you? Many of the online sites allow you to enter the dimensions of your closet space and plan from there. Others will offer systems in several set sizes and shapes. Most of them are very adaptable to your unique situation. Take a look at the following websites. I see a much-better organized closet in your future.


If you’ve recently updated your closet space, we’d love to hear what worked for you.