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Ask Granny  has more news about  this year’s novelty baby teething toys.  While you can find teething toys in the aisles of nearly every pharmacy or department store, there are some extra-special ones to be found online. The traditional rubber ones with gel inside can be frozen and that provides some relief to the painful gums of teething babies.

Babies’ teeth are formed in utero and usually begin to break through the gums between four and seven months of age. The normal spread of teething, however, spans from three to twelve months. Signs of teething in a baby can include drooling, gum swelling, fussiness, biting behavior, refusal of food, and sleep problems. Doctors disagree on whether or not teething can cause fevers and other illnesses.

Baby’s first teeth are usually the bottom front teeth, followed by the top front teeth. By age three children will have their full number of twenty baby teeth.

Here are some great teething toys to buy for that special baby in your life.

Find unique crocheted teething toys at Nihama.

Find an assortment of wooden teething toys at Etsy.

Animal teething toys are available at The Land of Nod

An interesting teether called the Manhattan Toy Skwinkle