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Ask Granny’s  birthday wish list of suitable, personalised and fun gifts  for  grandparents and great grandparents!

Flavour of the month is:

1) This year I would like a Trapper’s hat, or a Russian hat or a snow-flake-knit  lamb hat, which you can find in most department stores. For ideas look at: furhatworld an american website but full of ideas. This cold spell  has meant grandma needs to keep her ears  as well as her head warm!

2) I would look forward to receiving a monthly magazine in the post every month, (we grannies don’t receive so much in the post any more!) Maybe SAGA magazine, The LADY, a SUDOKU magazine or something similar. For a list of magazines to subscribe to  look at:

3)  The best diary I received last year was  the Dairy Diary with lots of space to write in and interesting, old fashioned recipes. Same again please! Visit this website to see some of their wonderful products!

4) Nannas like feeding plants and watching them grow. It keeps us busy! Please  deliver some flower bulbs, potted bulbs, perennials and/or lillies for me to play with! I know this website also delivers, which will save me having to venture out in this cold weather! Eurogardenimports

5) Grandmas and Grandpas alike, enjoy all the Sudoku books they can lay their hands on. A great gift this year! Amazon has a great selection and there is always time to deliver before  a birthday) Next year my grandparent friends and I would like to start to make our own family trees, so Santa we need some  help! We found on AMAZON lots of  CDs full of ‘how to set about to make your own family tree’…. so please choose one and pop it into my stocking!

7) All grannies like their homes to smell nice but sometimes Ask Granny  is scared of leaving the house and forgetting to blow out a scented candle, so this year she would love an alternative choice! This website of scented reed diffusers should give you some tantalising tips!

8) Most silver surfers still enjoy to read but perhaps a book light would be a useful present this year, maybe with a magnifying glass attached just to help us keep reading books or magazines during those long sleepless nights!

9)  Ask Granny  knows all grannies are always happy to receive a gift from Marks and Spencer and her favourite choice this year would be either the pleated velvet bow bag or one of  the Brain Puzzle, Sudoku, or Crossword books.

10)  How about a nice, fun, lighthearted, big 2011 calendar to hang on my kitchen wall!? Ask Granny has seen some interesting and trendy ones on this website.

Ask Granny is not affiliated to any of the above websites and  (sadly) doesn’t receive any money from advertisers ( yet!) This  is HER personal birthday gift choice…