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If no one in your family has nut allergies, nut butters can add a bit of zip to your daily menus. Most of us have grown up on peanut butter. Kids everywhere love it and it’s a heart-healthy choice as a source of protein. But there are lots of other nut butter choices too.


You may have seen almond and cashew butters in the organic food aisles or in whole food stores. But have you tried pistachio, pecan, walnut, macadamia or hazelnut butters? Each one has its own distinctive taste from the slightly sweet taste of hazelnuts to the bold taste of walnut butter.


There are even sources for “designer nut butters” such as spiced pumpkin seed butter, curry cashew butter—a savory choice, and cinnamon bun butter made with almonds and a bit of coconut syrup.


Try adding nut butters to meat recipes or to desserts. Use nut cream sauces made by thinning nut butters with water to your pasta dishes. Cooking with nut butters will add interest to some of your best entrée recipes.


Make your own nut butters—it’s quick and easy.