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Everyone knows you need the proper tool for each job and that goes for the kitchen as well as the back garden or garage. When you’re working in the kitchen, whether you’re going gourmet or putting together an everyday meal, you need the right tools for each special job. It goes without saying that you need quality knives, butcher blocks and larger items such as mixers or food processors. But here is a list of ten smaller, yet extremely handy kitchen tools you should have at your fingertips. By the way, all of these kitchen gadgets make good gift items too.

1)  A melon baller

OXO has a “good grip” melon baller for all those occasions when you want to create beautiful clean round balls for maximum presentation of your dishes. Find it at

2)  The Mezzaluna Veggie Chopper

When you don’t have enough chopping to warrant getting out a food processor, you’ll enjoy using this rocking blade chopping tool. Made by Hoffritz, you’ll find it a handy tool to have. Go to

3)  A Rotating Cake Stand

Cakes are usually made for special occasions when looks are important. This rotating stand which enables both good looks and ease in frosting can be found at

4)  The Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop

This cool scoop has a special liquid in the handle that warms via the body heat in your hand. Thus you get perfect rounded scoops. This aluminum product can be purchased at

5)  Herb Scissors

Enjoy the convenience of snipping fresh herbs directly into the pan. There are several varieties of these scissors, but a five blade version can be purchased at

6)  Zester/Grater

When you need to grate cheeses or citrus rinds you’ll find this zester just the thing. Don’t waste time with a grater too large or unwieldy for the job. Try this one from

7)  Jar Opener

Don’t get stuck without the power you need to open the jar of a key ingredient. This nifty opener will solve your problem quickly and easily. This all in one opener is available at

8)  Wooden Spoons

All good cooks know the value of quality wooden spoons. They feel good to the hand and allow stirring with no risk of scratching your cooking vessels. Often made of maple or sometimes bamboo, try the ones at

9)  Long-handled measuring spoons

These Amco long-handled measuring spoons are just the thing for reaching into spice jars. They also have the added benefit of resting flat on counters for no spills. Go to

10)  A Julienne Peeler

This one isn’t a necessity, but it makes such beautiful thin strips of fruits and veggies. You’ll find it by OXO at