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Nothing makes guests feel more welcome than a cold drink and an appealing plate of appetizers. In the spirit of global living, let’s enjoy some starters from around the world.

From Spain, some appetizer recipes we can enjoy are tapas. Tapas are small plates of delicious foods often including olives, cheeses and breads. From Mexico we find hors d’oeuvre Empanaditas con Picadillo which are small fried turnovers stuffed with a meat and fruit mixture. From classic Jewish recipes you’ll enjoy this easy-to-make  snack recipes of Smoked Salmon Rolls and from Viet Nam try these yummy Barbecued Pork Skewers. For a truly exotic taste try African Koki, a dish from the Congo featuring a mashed bean paste steamed in a banana leaf. Just a little searching on your part will be rewarded with these and hundreds of other  healthy appetiser recipes from all over the world. Your guests may even enjoy getting in on the preparation of these tasty dishes which start off your evening of fun with good friends.