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It’s one thing to look back with fondness at when you were young, including all of those sweet nothings uttered over the candle lights with an old beau, but it’s another thing to think that you couldn’t possibly enjoy those moments all over again once you enter your senior years. You might think that dating is a young man or woman’s game, but it is many ways becoming much less so, with even dedicated senior dating websites surfacing in recent times. But what else would Ask Granny  tell you about looking for love in your later years?


In many ways, the advice is obvious, but no less true for being so. When you are dating, you really should be yourself, which is possibly even wiser advice for those in older age groups. For decades, you’ve developed your views on life and principles by which you live it, so there’s no reason to surrender all of that now, just to find someone. There’s a danger of readers of this senior citizens guide using all manner of excuses to deny themselves the chance of love, when the truth is that you’re never too old. You may still need to brush up on things like dating etiquette, however.


These days, it’s impossible for even grandparents to ignore the possibilities of the Internet for dating and many other products and services – as shown by the fact that you are reading this dedicated online guide for grandparents. However, you don’t have to choose the obvious dating websites if you don’t wish to. You may decide to start a profile on a dedicated senior dating website of the many that are now available, or even on a site that is built around those with a particular interest. Did you know that some sites are devoted to daters living in the countryside, for example? There are also local sites to consider.


Alternatively, you may be one of those who bemoans the all-powerful influence of online on the modern world. If you are, then don’t worry, you aren’t doomed to being a grumpy old (single) man or woman. That’s because there are loads of great settings in which readers of our grandparents blog could meet singles. It could be a community centre where you interact socially, the gym, a volunteer project or maybe the local church. Or what about taking up a continuing education or dance class, or joining a book club to get that grey matter working at the same time as meeting new people?


There are so many potential dating ideas, from going to the theatre or movies to taking a walk or even forking out for a lavish and romantic vacation together. The important message that the Ask Granny  grandparents journal would leave you with, is this: you are definitely not shut out from dating simply because you are older. So have fun!