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Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, senior citizens will be grateful for gifts that make day to day life easier and more fun. And there is no shortage of thoughtful and practical gifts to give your seniors.

Here are some options:


Subscription services options have skyrocketed in recent years. Not only are magazines and other reading materials available by subscription, but there are a myriad of other subscription services to choose from. 

Some of the choices include: monthly deliveries of coffee, tea, or wine. Boxed meals to prepare easily, gift cards for monthly hair appointments, massage or mani/pedi appointments, monthly deliveries of fruit or flowers. And the list goes on. Whatever your senior enjoys is probably available in a monthly subscription format. And there is even a “Grandbox” that arrives monthly filled with an array of gifts and reading materials that seniors will eagerly await each month.

Voice-activated Assistants

Young folks are very familiar with these products that respond to voice commands and play music. But many seniors aren’t familiar with the convenience these products afford. Once set up the Echo Dot, Google Assistant or Siri can make daily life much easier for seniors by making phone calls, adjusting heat registers, setting reminders for taking medicines or going to appointments, and can give other information on command such as weather reports and daily headlines.

These assistants can be especially helpful for those seniors who are less mobile and need help to get through daily chores. They’re also great for reminders to take medicines to ensure optimal health for your senior.

Large Print Reading Materials and more

Many seniors appreciate reading large-print books or doing crossword puzzles in large print. But there are other products available such as large-print playing cards and board games. Look for oversize print in calendars and address books, coloring books and word searches. You can also purchase television remotes with oversize characters.

Transportation Services

For seniors who don’t drive there are transportation services to drive them. These services go far beyond the usual medical appointment rides. They offer door to door services to take seniors to the grocery store, to visit friends, to visit cultural events or even to take the grandkids to the park.

Health Aids

You’re probably aware of health devices for seniors such as grab bars, shower chairs, walkers and the like. But there are many other items to aid elderly folks in daily living. Check out the large variety of pill holders, hearing and vision enhancers, simplified ipads, phones and tablets. 

Another popular item for seniors is weighted or heated blankets for comfort on cool evenings.

Tracking Devices

Many of us experience the frustration of losing necessary items such as keys, glasses, your wallet, the remote, and more. Now there are products to help you locate these items quickly and easily. Each product works differently; some from a smart phone app and some using bluetooth. 

There are, of course, also tracking devices for seniors to wear should they become confused or lost. These items provide safety and peace of mind to those who love them.

Your seniors will appreciate your thoughtfulness as you select a special gift for them. Choose something that is both practical and also speaks to their particular wants and needs and they’ll know you spent some time and effort to please them.