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This month Ask Granny is busy searching for the best ideas for Christmas presents for boys and girls. Grandparents worldwide will be anxious to find the latest and most popular toy or game this Christmas for the grandkids!

Pint-sized action figures representing superheroes and other characters that kids love from television, movies and stories continue to be some of the best-selling and most-loved gifts. Some have been around for decades, others are newer, but be assured that any child will love these tiny friends and will act out many adventures with them. Your kids will “save the day” over and over again.


Power Rangers: Choose from Mega Ranger Fire, Evil Mooger or Switch Morphin Ranger Water. Ask the kids what powers each figure uses. They’ll know. Available at Power


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: These little guys have been around for over twenty years and some are now considered collectibles. Find them at Toy Wiz.


Star Wars: These never go out of style. Find them at Star Wars Action Figures.


Spiderman: Spiderman is another character who has been around for several decades. Kids never tire of his red face and his super climbing abilities. Find him at Spiderman.


Transformers: So interesting because they transform from one character to another. Some are very intricate, but the kids can change them in a jiffy. Find at Transformers.


PBS Kids, Dinosaur Train figures, Super Why: Find these at PBS Kids. Tiny, Petey, Morris and many more figures from their favorite PBS television shows.


Toy Story:Buzz Lightyear and all his buddies are still tons of fun. Find them at Toy Story.


Batman: Batman still lives in the Bat Cave and drives the Batmobile. Cool. Find him at Batman.