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This pandemic will go down in history. Of course it will, it’s the most catastrophic event, barring wars, in most of our lifetimes. It’s out of our control and therefore causes a sense of unsettling fear. What will happen? 

We’ll know in time. Perhaps someone we know or love will die. Perhaps someone we know will lose their business or their livelihood. Everyone will suffer to some degree. Everyone will remember.

But, we’re living each day now and there are ways to live into the event rather than merely react to it. Fred Rogers, Mr. Rogers of the television show for little ones, said his mother taught him an important lesson: In times of trouble, look for the helpers. There will always be helpers.” 

What a profound way of looking at this pandemic. Where are the helpers? Certainly the medical professionals are helpers. Many leaders are helping to the best of their ability. But what about you and me? Can we be helpers?

There are those who would try to profit or take advantage of others during this crisis. Scam ads and phone calls try to bleed money out of people who are worried and desperate. There are always those who are heartless and conniving. But that isn’t us.

There are good people making the decision to be part of the solution to this gigantic problem. Many are sewing protective masks. Many are donating money to hospitals and clinics. Some are using their creative gifts to encourage others: posting uplifting music and sharing positive thoughts.

What are some of the ways we can choose to be helpers in this troubling time? Here are a few suggestions. You can think of more. Let’s be doers of good and look back on this time as a terrible tragedy, but one in which we did all we could to ease the pain.

  • Call your family, friends and those who may be living alone. Keep in touch with those who may have needs or just want someone to interact with. Isolation can be very difficult for some.
  • Give of your time, money or abilities in some tangible way. Make something, share something, give something. Be generous.
  • Be aware that your behavior can affect the health of others. Do what the leaders of your area request in terms of social distancing, movement in your area, etc. Be responsible and don’t underestimate the good you can do by merely staying home.
  • Stay active and positive in your daily life. Use the time at home to clean, sort out unnecessary items, make nutritious meals, uplift those around you.
  • Stay active physically as well. Walk around your home or neighborhood, while keeping the proper distance from others. Work in your yard. Find an exercise video and use it. Our mental well-being is often linked to our physical activity. Get those endorphins going.
  • Learn something new. This is a great time to learn a new language, brush up on math skills or write your family history. Do one of those big bucket list things that you never had time for before.
  • Speak encouraging words. While we need necessary information about the virus, we don’t need to talk about it all the time. Focus on the good. Speak about the good. Look for ways to say positive, loving words.

There will be as many ways of living positively during this crisis as there are people. We’re endlessly creative when we put our minds to it. So be encouraged today. This pandemic will pass and it will extol a cost. But we have the opportunity to be part of the solution. Let’s be helpers.