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Next time you’re in London, be sure to hop aboard the South Western Trains and take a day trip that’s a triple treat. You’ll see an ancient structure, a medieval cathedral and a Roman temple all in one day.

First take the rail to the town of Salisbury where you’ll connect with a bus taking you to Stonehenge. It’s never been clear whether this forty ton circular rock structure was a burial ground or a religious temple, but all agree it’s a compelling view.

Then return to Salisbury and tour the Salisbury Cathedral. Climb its 404 foot tower and then go to the Charter House where you can see one of four remaining copies of the Magna Carta.

Finally go on to the town of Bath where you’ll take in gorgeous Georgian architecture, tour a Roman temple and spa and see Britain’s one and only natural hot springs.

Return via rail to London. Quite nice for a one day adventure.

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